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Feb, 14

Simon Webster solo performance in Berlin.

Simon will be performing a collection of his compositions on solo piano tonight at Bootsbau,

in the trendy area of Neukölln, Berlin from 6pm. We look forward to seeing you there!


Dec, 13

Simon Webster composes additional music for 'Dark Lands' Game.

Simon has been approached to compose some additional music for the game 'Dark Lands',

(currently rated in Windows Phone top 4 paid games). You can watch a gameplay clip here

and listen to one of the tracks in full here.


Sep, 13

Simon Webster releases new work with EMI Production Music.

Simon has composed an electronic/orchestral piece for EMI’s 'Raydia Label'. The music is available for

licensing via EMI's play website. You can also listen to the track here.


Sep, 13

Simon Webster's music used on Channel 4.

Simon's reinterpretation of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata has been used on one of Channel 4's

primetime 'Top Boy' trailers. You can listen to the track in full here.


Sept, 13

Simon Webster music released with Cutting Edge Film Scores.

Simon has composed three new works for the album 'Piano Cello', recorded at Air Edel Studios

and released by Cutting Edge Film Scores. You can listen to and license the music here.


June, 13

'A Better Tomorrow' premieres at Cannes.

The film 'A Better Tomorrow' premiered at Cannes last month, it was reviewed by a panel

including Tim Burton and Harvey Weinstein, read more here. Watch the anime sequence for

the film below, with music composed by Simon Webster.







May, 13

Simon Webster works with The Weinstein Company and Lexus.

Simon has composed the music for a film produced by The Weinstein Company and sponsored

by Lexus. It features Live-Action and Anime, directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki and Koji Morimoto

(Akira, Animatrix). Read about the project here and the collaboration here.




Apr, 13

Simon Webster working on feature film.

Simon is currently scoring a feature film for a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare's

'Richard II'. More news coming soon!


Nov, 12

Simon Webster releases new work with EMI Production Music.

Simon has composed an electronic piece for EMI’s 'Model Label'. The music is available for

licensing via EMI's play website. You can also listen to the track here.


Nov, 12

Simon Webster's music used on BBC1.

One of Simon's solo piano compositions was used on BBC1's primetime 'Inside Out' series.

To listen to some more music available for licensing, go here.


Mar, 12

Simon Webster composition used in Bunraku film for MOD iPad Magazine.

A slowed down version of one of Simon's compositions has been used on the fashion film

'Bunraku' for MOD iPad Magazine. View the film here.




Dec, 11

Simon releases 'Midnight Carousel' with Wrong Planet Music.

Simon's first release with Wrong Planet Music, 'Midnight Carousel', a production album

aimed at the advertising industry, is now available for licensing. Listen to it here.


Oct, 11

Simon Webster composes music for Eudora Natal Christmas film.

Simon has composed the music for the Eudora Natal Christmas film. The agency wanted

an upbeat guitar based track. View Simon's showreel here.


May, 11

Simon Webster co-composes music for Schizophrenia 24x7 film.

Simon works with renowned composer Ian Livingstone (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince).

Watch the film online here or view it on Simon's showreel here.


Jan, 11

Simon Webster composes music for Eudora Brand Campaign.

Simon has composed the music for the launch and brand campaign of a new Fashion and

Beauty Brand, Eudora. The film stars Brazilian supermodel Juliana Martins. Watch it below.



Aug, 10

Simon Webster interview discussing 'Imagination' in Italian film.

Produced by Little White Lies, this short film features a brief interview with Simon Webster

as well as director Gabriele Muccino, The Times film critic Kevin Maher and more. View it below.



Jul, 10

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Ad Campaign score recorded at Angel Studios.

Simon's music for the Peroni Nastro Azzurro adverts has been finalised and recorded

using a string quintet and clarinetist at Angel Studios, London. Watch the extended trailer

below or view Simon's showreel here.


May, 10

Simon Webster to work with Hollywood director Gabriele Muccino.

Simon has been chosen by critically acclaimed Hollywood film director Gabriele Muccino and

the Accademia del Film to compose music for a new Ad Campaign, working with The Bank

 Agency in London.


Gabriele Muccino with Will Smith


Oct, 09

EP now available on iTunes.

The Simon Webster EP is now available to download on iTunes, click here.

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